Pro Kennex Tour Series Collection blends classic styling with modern sophistication. Subtle print and texture combinations, highlighted by a 3D padded logo, delivers an elevated aesthetic for players with discerning tastes.

TOUR Padel-Crossover

The TOUR Series Padel-Crossover bag boasts an ergonomic design, efficiently utilizing three distinct compartments to accommodate up to 5 paddles. One of these compartments features Therm Tech insolation, adding an extra layer of protection against extreme temperature fluctuations.
This bag includes a vented nylon shoe compartment with a separate entry point at the bottom, ensuring your gear stays isolated from shoes or wet items. Zippered side pocket allows convenient stowing of personal items. Stay hydrated using the water bottle carry withy cinch cord.

Carry or hang your backpack using the padded grip at the top. The padded shoulder straps come with a chest clasp, ensuring your gear stays stable and secure during active movement.