Elevate your game and your style with the Pro Kennex VIP Class Bag Collection. This collection caters to players who wish to stand apart from the crowd, but in a tasteful and understated manner. Exterior textures add depth, character, thoughtfully integrated to enhance the overall aesthetic of each model. Within the luxurious interior of each bag you'll find a plush digital lining that not only envelops your tennis gear and accessories in opulence but also ensures their protection. The VIP Class bags are meticulously crafted using premium materials to endure the demands of frequent use while maintaining their refined style over time.

VIP Class Sling

The VIP Class Sling bag is a true style statement in its category, thanks to its distinctive contoured design that seamlessly marries fashion and function. This Sling bag introduces a stylish choice for pickleball players, whether they’re on their way to the court or embarking on their daily adventures.
With three zippered compartments, the Sling bag is quite practical at keeping your paddles and personal items well-organized and easily accessible, whether you’re heading to the pickleball court or using it for everyday purposes.
The padded crossbody strap is designed to provide both comfort and versatility. You can wear it across your chest on either side, allowing you to choose the most comfortable and convenient way to carry it.
For sunglasses or other eyewear, the bag includes a small cargo space on the strap for convenient access while on the move.




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